ASAIHL Fellowship and Academic Exchange Program





Purpose To enable faculty members to spend time as a visiting lecture at an ASAIHL member institution. 


Prior agreement between the parties concerned should be reached is due partly to the fact that supply has to be matched with demand and partly to the fact that both the sending and receiving universities have certain obligations to fulfill.   Before an application can be sent to ASAHL, agreement should have been reached between the sending institution and the receiving institution (s).   Only one receiving university will apply, provided evidence is submitted to show that an agreement has been reached.


Qualification of Fellows Distinguished scholars who go under this program will not be confined to professors only.

Number of visits must be made to at least one university on each tour.


Period of Stay At each university, there should be a minimum stay of one week and the maximum is six weeks.


Financial Arrangements The Fellow will make the trip as service rendered to his or her university.  He or She will therefore automatically receive his or her regular salary. ASAIHL will pay a supplementary living allowance of US$100 per day, US$500 per week, or US$2,000 per month.  Return air-fare, economy class, will be provided by Air Asia. 


Accommodation and Local Transportation The receiving university will provide suitable accommodation and local transportation or, in lieu thereof, an equivalent allowance as determined by the receiving university.


Medical Care The receiving university will provide a Fellow with medical care during the visit.


Application deadline 1 May 2017 


The following are copies of the application and the agreement to be signed between the host university and the sending institution prior to sending them to the Association of Southeast Asian Institutions of Higher Learning (ASAIHL) Chulalongkorn University, 16th Floor, Chaloem Rajakumari 60 Building, Bangkok 10330, Thailand.


Application Form (PDF)

Application Form (Word file)

Agreement Form (PDF)

Agreement Form (Word file)

Air Asia Fellowship Recipients

There were 12 fellowship applications but a few of them did not have the signed agreements and some of the agreements were signed by heads of the departments instead of the President, Vice-Chancellor or Rector of member institutions.  It is underlined in the application form that only one host (receivinguniversity needs apply because the host university must provide the accommodation, local transportation and medical expenses during the visit of the awarded faculty member.

After going through a careful screening process, the Board agreed to accept the nomination from:

1.   Prof. Datuk Dr. Asma Ismail, Vice-Chancellor of University Sains Malaysia in Penang and Dr. Wut Dankittikul, Acting President of Suranaree University of Technology for:


Dr. Zuratul Ain Abdul Hamid, School of Materials and Mineral Resources Engineering, University of Sains Malaysia, to lecture on the Biopolymer for Tissue Engineering: Current and Future Trends and to lecture on the Introduction of TRIZ for Inventive Problem Solving and to conduct research on development of thermo responsive biomaterials during 25 September-6 October 2017.


      2.     Prof. Paul Tam, Acting President, University of Hong Kong and Dr. Bandit Fungtammasan, Acting President of King Mongkut’s University of   

              Technology Thonburi for:

              Dr. Jiangping Zhou, University of Hong Kong, to lecture on Hong Kong and China’s urban/regional transport planning and policies during 15-22                   July 2017

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